Viral Giveaways – Why Do Them?

Because Nothing Grows Your Social, Email and Loyalty Audiences as Fast as an Amazing Giveaway.

Social media algorithms are stacked against you.

Forget about the perfect time of day to post or the best emojis to use. The news feed is no longer chronological, but instead places priority on content that drives the most engagement.

This shifts what your audience sees towards much larger brands that already have tons of followers. They want to show content that keeps people on their platform, but the side effect is that much smaller pages have to run paid ads to gain any visibility.

Considering that ads are the main way that social platforms make money, they have no incentive to change this.

Enter The Viral Loop

So how does a viral giveaway turn the tables?

It does so by providing the algorithm with exactly what it needs to prioritize your brand... superior engagement.

The ingredients of a viral giveaway are simple:

  • Offer prizes with high perceived value that you know your customers will go nuts over
  • Require contestants to earn points by performing "bonus tasks" like sharing the giveaway with friends
  • Increase visibility of the contest with carefully targeted paid ads, local influencers and giveaway sites

When somebody really wants to win something, they keep it to themselves out of fear that their chances of winning will be diluted if others find out.

We flip the script by making them share the giveaway in order to win.

Bonus tasks are offered that earn contestants more points... things like following your page or commenting on giveaway posts.

This increases post engagement, informing the algorithm that your content is worth showing to others.

This boosts the organic traffic your posts receive, getting new eyes on your giveaway and accelerating the viral loop.

33-Day Giveaway Case Study

Below is a case study of a viral giveaway we conducted for a regional restaurant chain. The premise was simple: Reward one lucky person with a year's worth of their best-selling item while giving away a new promo item to as many people as possible to boost its popularity. 




The total cost of the giveaway, including paid ads, influencer gift cards, prizes and fees came to $1,740.

We saw powerful growth on not one, but several channels simultaneously.

So why did the giveaway work so well?

  • A year of free nuggets is an amazing prize for anybody who loves chicken.
  • The prize acted as strong incentive for contestants to spread the word, rallying others into the viral loop.
  • The prize cost was just over $100 to the restaurant, but it still offered amazing perceived value to contestants. 

As an added bonus, when the winner comes in to redeem their free nuggets every week, they are likely to bring friends and buy other items, cancelling out the cost of the prize.

33-Day Viral Giveaway vs Daily Posting for 145 Days

We felt very confident in our results, but wanted to compare it to the client's existing strategy, which involved the following tactics:

  • Single daily posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • Loyalty Program sign-up widget on the website
  • Automated email campaign encouraging Loyalty members to sign up friends for bonuses
  • Very limited email collection tactics

We checked the numbers 5 months after the giveaway and the results were shocking:


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A Proven Formula For Audience Growth

Our team has been conducting viral giveaways since 2018. We've run campaigns for restaurants, auto body shops and many other niches. All it takes is an amazing prize, a viral loop and the right strategy to get the word out. 

That's why we offer completely Done-For-You Viral Giveaway Services that eliminate all the guesswork from the process. Our goal is to generate a massive increase in your social followers, email subscribers and loyalty members, allowing you the freedom to focus on what you do best... running your business.

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