Viral Giveaway Services

Skyrocket Your Social, Email and Loyalty Audiences in Just 1 Month

Viral giveaways are the single most effective method to grow your social following, email list and loyalty program.

Best of all, you can grow them all at once.

All it takes is an amazing prize, a viral loop and the right team to get the word out. 

Let us sweat the details while you stay focused on what you do best… running your business.

Branded Giveaway Pages

We design the contest landing page to perfectly match your website:

We perform all of the design and setup, no website access required 

Show off your prizes with amazing photos and videos

Mobile optimized and looks great on any phone or tablet


Giveaway Page Matches Your Site


Bonus Actions Drive The Viral Loop

Bonus actions are completed by contestants to earn points and boost their chances of winning.

By performing bonus actions, they help spread the word about the giveaway in their own social networks:

Want to grow your YouTube followers? Make contestants subscribe to your channel and share a popular video with friends.

Is Instagram your thing? Make contestants follow your page and upload fan photos while tagging your profile.

Bonus actions are available for dozens of popular platforms and can be customized to your needs.


Fully Customizable Bonus Actions




Best Use of Influencers

Local influencers are the perfect brand ambassadors for an exciting giveaway.

We like to work with influencers with an audience of 5k-25k followers.

This is the sweet spot for high engagement and a willingness to collaborate for low cost.

It’s better to have 20 influencers with 5k followers than one with 100k.

Don’t underestimate the power of several well-timed posts to drive serious traffic to your contest.


Influencers Drive Serious Engagement




Plan Giveaways With Promos

An important giveaway feature is the milestone prize.

A milestone prize is won by anybody who earns a certain amount of points.

The prize must be cheap enough that you’re willing to give out as many as necessary.

This is a perfect opportunity to shift attention towards a promoted item or service.

The grand prize should be something that everybody knows and loves… something with clear value.

The milestone prize should be a new or seasonal item that has not yet gained any recognition.

In the case of our restaurant client, we used Free Nuggets For a Year to drive attention towards their brand new chicken sandwiches.

The milestone prize was a free chicken sandwich, requiring 100 points to win.

Required bonus actions to earn 100 points were Like Us on Facebook, Follow Us on Instagram and Sign Up as a Loyalty Member.

This ensured that contestants boosted the brand while simultaneously getting thousands of eyes on the new chicken sandwiches.


Free Chicken Sandwich at 100 Points

Viral-Giveaways-Free-Chicken-Sandwich-at-100-Points-scaled  Viral-Giveaways-Chx-Sammies-2-1024x683

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