SEO for Auto Body Shops

How to Make Your Auto Body Shop Locally Famous

Auto mechanics and collision repair shops attract very loyal customers. When we rely on somebody to take care of something as important as our transportation, strong bonds are made. Having worked with several auto body repair shops, we have been struck by how active their customers are in promoting their brands. This is surely an asset to any local business.

On the other hand, such intense brand loyalty can also make it quite difficult to earn customers from another shop. It takes an ongoing effort to prove that your shop is the best in the area and that people should take their precious vehicles to you, despite the longstanding relationship they may have with somewhere else.

Below are a variety of tactics that we use to get your shop to the top of local search results, popularizing your brand throughout your local area and winning the uphill battle to drive new customers your way.



Client Case Study

This client is a top rated local auto body and collision shop that was having trouble ranking outside of their immediate town. We conducted an aggressive Local SEO campaign and helped them get into the Local 3-Pack for several keywords and expand their sales radius from 1 to 5 miles. 


Niche: Auto Body / Auto Paint

Before Optimization


After 180 Days Optimization



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Manage Several Local Business Listings and Social Pages

Google My Business may be the most popular listing website, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit your local campaign to that. We claim, verify, and manage your business listings on:

  • Google My Business
  • Bing Local
  • Yelp
  • Yahoo Local
  • Yellow Pages

We also duplicate your listing on dozens of secondary platforms as well, ensuring that all valuable information is synced across platforms. When Google sees this continuity across multiple directories, they give your listing credit and your rankings increase.

Google’s business guidelines change quite often and it is therefore crucial we make sure that the information on the business pages are correct and change as the business changes. Your local campaigns may also benefit from our social media services, which will cover up to 5 social accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. We keep these listings and pages updated with new content every week.



Optimize Your Website for Local Audiences

Local SEO uses the same elements as traditional SEO, but it requires a few specifically targeted elements as well.



This is the information that search engines, listings or directories, and customers often look for when they first visit local business websites. A business’ operating hours and contact information, which includes its physical address and phone number, should be displayed on every page of its website.



Keywords and phrases containing the business’ location should appear in title tags, meta descriptions, and content. Simply targeting a city or state may not be enough to drive local leads. Going hyper-local by targeting even more specific communities within your city can help get more customers through your doors which means better online presence. Our SEO teams analyze where local website traffic is coming from and use that data to choose better geotargeted keywords.



If you’re an auto body shop, it’s a great idea to keep a running blog about the daily weather events. That way, you can connect directly with your customers about anything that could potentially cause them to get into a hairy situation on the road. Not only does it show that you care about their wellbeing and get yourself back into their brain for a minute, but it also reminds them that you are there in the worst case scenario that they need your services after an accident.

It would also be a good idea to post a running blog showcasing some of the awesome vehicles you have worked on. Everybody loves to see a nice ride, and showing off that they came to you and trusted you to take care of their work doesn’t hurt, either.



Target Local Markets with Compelling Content

SEO for auto body shops requires the same amount of creative and high quality content as any other SEO campaign, but there needs to be a stronger emphasis on calls to action, influence marketing, and topics relevant to your business location.



Our writers create content based on what’s relevant to your business and your location. Writing about local trends or even area-specific laws that are related to your industry is always a good way to establish your authority as an information resource.



Our writers don’t just sell or announce your products and services; they encourage customer loyalty and create brand advocates. These customers who love your brand can promote it through word of mouth and by sharing content on social media. We provide the engaging content that they will use to spread your brand far and wide.



We use schema markup, also known as structured data, to make sure your website’s local content is correctly identified by search engines. Structured data includes:

  • Local Business Information (Phone, Address, Business Name, Opening Hours)
  • Map Schema
  • Product Information Schemas
  • Images and Logo Schemas



Build Out High Quality Citations

Quality backlinks is an important aspect of any SEO campaign, but citations are even more important for local SEO. Citations are brand mentions made by customers or other businesses on third-party websites. These brand mentions are key ranking factors in local search.

Our local SEO packages include citation building and link development services to help get your brand’s name mentioned in social media, online publications, and more.

Some of the most important and effective types of citations:



Encouraging brand advocates and local influencers to talk about you in their blogs and social media accounts is a good way to acquire citations.



Listings in business directories, local networks, and review sites are also citations. Managing these listings and getting more customers to post positive reviews of your business can add more citations.



Getting other people to write about your business in an online magazine or publishing your own articles and press releases can increase your exposure and establish your brand as a leading authority in your niche.

Manage and Respond to All Customer Reviews

Your local listings and social accounts need to have unique content that goes beyond your business description, operating hours, and contact details. The best way to get this type of content is through customer reviews.

Integrating links to your social media pages and business listings in your website, publishing press releases about your new listings, and engaging customers through online content can also get them to share their thoughts.

The best way to encourage positive reviews from your customers is by providing great services and quality products, however it’s not the only way. Here are some of the techniques we use:

  • Magazine/News Placement
  • Blog Post Outreach
  • Press Release Creation and Submission
  • Video Creation and Submission

On top of generating new reviews, it is also extremely important to respond to reviews in a timely manner. Google gives a business great credit when they respond to a new review within 24 hours, especially when they include relevant terms in the review response as well. For instance, if the review says something like “they did the best job on my truck bed liner, this thing is tough as nails and I’m super thrilled right now”, then a great response would be something that includes the context like “we’re so glad that you love our ultra durable truck bed liners as much as we do… we always try to come through for our customers and we’re glad we could for you”. Not only does it give you another shameless promotion for the quality of your business and products, but it shows that you are listening to your customers and connecting with their needs and desires in a meaningful way, which is one of the best ways to get your shop ranking higher than the competition.

The Value of SEO for Auto Body Shops

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing a website so that it will rank higher in google search results. SEO can work just as well for SEO shops and will continue working regardless of whether somebody is browsing from their phone, desktop or tablet.

Proper SEO has three distinct phases, with Phase 1 and 2 taking place in Month 1 and Phase 3 happening during Month 2 and beyond.



The first step to any successful SEO strategy is that we need to know what people are actually searching for. We start with a list of “starter terms” provided by you that are short-tail (1 or 2 word) keywords that pertain to your business, products and services. We run your starter terms through a variety of specialized keyword research software to discover dozens of long-tail (3-5 word) keywords that are much less competitive and therefore easier for your site to rank for.

For example, one of your starter terms may be “car detailing”, which is a super general search term that undoubtedly generated tens of thousands of unique monthly searches. The problem is that is it also super competitive, which is why we don’t want to try and rank for it directly. To do so may take far too long to provide a meaningful return on investment. But when we look at a long-tail search term like “best car detailing in [YOUR CITY]” all of a sudden we got much more specific. There are definitely going to be way less monthly searches for this term, but the competition will also be much lower, meaning that we have a much better chance of ranking for it. When we stack up 20-40 terms like this we have the opportunity to create some decent monthly search volume for your site.



Phase 2 involves taking the long-tail keywords that we have discovered in Phase 1 and rebuilding your site content and structure to reflect it. We want to show Google that there is alignment between what people are actually searching for and your website. When there is an exact match like that, Google is much more likely to rank your page well for a given search term.

We perform a variety of changes to ensure that your site aligns as well to search terms as possible.



Phase 3 takes place during Month 2 and beyond, for the remaining duration of the campaign. It involves performing a variety of tactics to increase your site’s authority. Even if Google sees alignment between your site and what people are searching for, it may still not rank you well for those search terms if there are 1,000 other sites to choose from that all have greater authority than you. Authority is kind of life a site’s reputation score, and you can grow site authority by doing press releases, social media posting and brand mentions, directory and citation creation, guest posting, generating high authority niche backlinks, and many other tactics that we rotate through month after month. As your backlinks and brand mentions grows, so does your authority, and eventually Google starts to rank you above your competition for keywords that your site is aligned with. The result is that you will see a huge increase in calls, site visits and ultimately new customers.

The Advantage of a Dedicated Local SEO Marketing Team

Our team has provided over 7,000 clients with 50,000 rankings. We know what it takes to conduct expert-level SEO for auto body shops that deliver real results.

Moonraker is comprised of over 50 marketing professionals with a combined 100+ years of experience:

  • Dedicated Keyword Research Experts
  • Advanced Website Audit Experts
  • On-Page Optimization Experts
  • Link Analysis Experts
  • Link Building Experts
  • SEO Strategy Experts
  • Social Media Experts
  • Content Development Experts
  • Marketing Copywriters
  • Project Managers
  • Account Managers

You get over a century of marketing expertise for a fraction of the cost of an in-house marketing person and our results will be better. There are not too many marketing agencies that can boast such extensive experience and value in Local SEO.

Our contracts are month-to-month, meaning you pay for what we’ve done and nothing more. Find that level of understanding from your employees!

Most of our clients recover their investment within the first 6 months. From there on out it’s solid profit, and significantly more of it. We are confident that once you see the results, we will have the pleasure of working with you for a long time.

We encourage you to get in touch today so we can show you what our team of dedicated marketing consultants can do for your business!

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