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Ovation is the perfect compliment to our Local X Managed SEO Services, helping you skyrocket your rankings while improving the guest experience.



Get Your Restaurant In The 3-Pack

We call the top 3 local search results the “3-Pack”. Just these 3 listings alone earn over 50% of total clicks!

tick-1   1st place earns 28% of total clicks

tick-1    2nd place earns 14% of total clicks

tick-1   3rd place earns 10% of total clicks

Showing up in the 3-Pack produces a huge flow of new customers. Top rankings continue to provide value month after month as your local authority grows.


Advanced SEO Strategy

Get a customized plan to skyrocket your rankings.


World-Class Customer Support

We’re always here to answer all of your questions.


Transparent Reporting

Know exactly what’s happening with your campaign.

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Chris is an incredible, talented SEO wiz, and I love working with him. He took the time to really help me understand how we could drive business to my website as well as how to improve the usability of my site. After six months, I'm seeing a significant increase in traffic to connect with the people I really want to find me. I would especially recommend hiring Chris if you need SEO help that is affordable and you're just starting out. It has totally been worth the investment, and I'm looking forward to working with Chris as my business grows over the next year.
julie ann O.
Chris is an expert at SEO for Auto Body Shops. He really knows how to make mechanics rank on google and his ability to communicate strategy makes technical processes much easier. I highly recommend Moonraker for Auto Repair SEO!
Mike E.
Having worked with Chris in the past I new he is a responsible professional but the website created for us was much better than what we expected. The look and feel, content, layout and pictures used creates synergies that amount to more than the value of each component. Will work with Chris on other projects as well. Recommended++
Eduardo P.
Chris is Awesome!!! He met me right where I was and was so helpful. He built me a beautiful customized website and online shop. He worked well with other folks on my team and was unbelievably patient when progress on my end slowed. He was very good at knowing when to give me a gentle push back towards progress. He is kind and funny and creates a relaxed and enjoyable experience. It all felt so personal which was very important to me. I highly recommend!!!
Hayley J.
Moonraker SEO Services was the best choice for web design and SEO services for our organization. Moonraker responded to our inquiries on Sunday mornings and 11 o'clock at night. They were conscientious and courteous. I am a satisfied customer, and I am happy to refer them to more clients!
Uroboros M.
I’ve used Moonraker for my company’s website, and they aim to please! They are responsive and reliable. I would recommend anyone using their services. Moonraker’s biggest strength is being able to internalize the needs, objectives and desires of their clients and regurgitate those values stylistically through curated content. I’m quite pleased with their service, and you'll be as well.
Salim U.
I hired Chris to design a website for me, to do some digital marketing and SEO. Although we are just in the beginning stages, I have to say working with Chris has been a rare treat so far! He is smart and personable and really listens to my ideas. He understands what I want my website to convey and creates it accordingly. Any edits that need to be made, he does immediately. I couldn’t be more pleased! I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for these services.
Bambi R.
Matt K.
Chris took a data-driven approach to helping us get more traffic and convert more of those visitors into leads. Highly recommended!
Myles W.
Chris is a magician with this SEO stuff. I'm an older person completely baffled by technology; and I knew what I wanted in terms of marketing. I found myself talking to Chris about SEO services and he said all the right things so I said yes. Then he held my hand, walked and talked me through it and things began to happen. What I really like is that as a marketing consultant he figured out right away what I wanted. He made it all work; the way he organized the material and information was truly magical. Thank You Chris!
Ross H.
I won't pretend to understand how he does what he does, but Chris is a marketing and search engine optimization genius! He can help increase your customer base exponentially with his vast wealth of ideas to market your business. He is so brilliant and amazing at building and designing websites as well. I cannot recommend his services or speak highly enough of the quality of his work!
Bob B.
Chris is the best in the business! He is so knowledgeable and is always such a pleasure to work with. Go see him for all of your SEO needs!
Laura B.
Chris's SEO Services are top shelf. He is very creative and knowledgeable and his website update created more traffic, resulting in more business.
John M.
Chris is fantastic to work with! He designed the online food ordering system for Alina's Ristorante from scratch.Ordering time was cut in HALF!This allowed us to cater to more clients and increased our sales.Chris's work can be summed up as follows:. He is professional. He is a great communicator. He offers customized solutions. His turnover time is very quick and efficientWe highly recommend Chris and look forward to working with him again in the future!
Alina's R.
Chris is a true pioneer of identity resolution marketing, viral marketing and he’s an all-round easy-to-work-with, collaborative and professional guy! I’ve worked with him on numerous small projects and can assuredly say that his knowledge and creativity are incomparable to his local competitors. I strongly recommend his services as a viral marketing professional myself. Keep up the great work!
Guy J.
Chris has been a pleasure to work with. Went above and beyond in getting our website together! I cannot thank him enough. Call him, you will not be disappointed!
Chris is a Marketing & SEO Specialist! I highly recommend giving him a call if you have questions or need SEO Services. He is always friendly, easy to talk with and never pushy. A true gentleman. Thank you Chris!!
Steve B.
You have to meet Chris to understand the power of what he is capable of doing to transform your business. From making your website look and run amazing while bringing you into present/future with new tech. He makes your visibility jump up dramatically in no time. I have so many good things I can say about Chris services, but I can't express it as well as he can. Do yourself a favor, take a meeting with Chris and your business will get better, period.
Matthew C.
SEO optimization might be one of those "we'll get to it later" kind of things for small business owners like me. But let me tell you- when you're absolutely blown away by the immediate results, new customers, and actual dollars driven to the bottom line, you'll want to shout from the rooftops about Chris too. First; he's a great human. Authentic, funny, personable, and present; he cares about my business AND me as person. Second; he's brilliant at his craft- SEO marketing, optimization, social media, viral giveaways, and building websites. He listens to your goals and designs a custom strategy that not only saves marketing dollars, but delivers increased revenue. I highly recommend Chris and his team to be included in your marketing and business arsenal if you have any presence online.
Stephanie J.
Expert level SEO consultant! A true jedi master. Chris is like a living marketing encyclopedia determined to help his colleagues succeed.
Liz D.
Chris is a human Swiss army knife. Keeper of many tools and all of them useful. SEO can be a cold and numbers driven game, but Chris manages to bring some humanity to it. He's a keen listener and good synthesizer of information when it comes to assessing the goals of a business. Once he has a handle on goals, he's able to translate it into a marketing strategy that is both data driven and aware that that there are actual humans on the receiving end of those messages.
Michael K.
Chris is very professional and responsive in addition to offering high quality SEO services. I enjoy working with him and appreciate his innovative thinking and willingness to learn and understand the specific challenges and needs of my business.
Jessica D.


What is Local X Managed SEO?

Local X is our comprehensive SEO service that drives traffic to your restaurant through an advanced, customized SEO process.

We do in-depth keyword and competitor research and execute a plan of attack month after month, increasing your traffic and rankings without you having to lift a finger.

The map above shows a tool we use to analyze rankings for your restaurant. This client went from being practically invisible to ranking 1st place across their city in a matter of months!


Before Optimization


After 90 Days Optimization


A Proven Formula For Local Growth

A properly conducted Local SEO campaign produces meaningful and measurable results that improve every month until your listing is well established in the 3-Pack across a wide radius and dozens of valuable keywords.

The top map shows baseline rankings for a client when searching for a popular keyword. The second map shows results they obtained after only 90 days of optimization with Local X.

Our comprehensive Local SEO Services include the following: 

tick-1   GMB Listing Optimization: Your listing is the most important element of your local presence and it must be fully optimized with new content added every week

tick-1   Data Aggregators: We register your listing with all 4 major US data aggregators, Foursquare, Neustar Localeze, Factual and InfoUSA

tick-1   Voice Search: We register your listing for voice search on Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Bixby, Microsoft Cortana and Google Home Assistant

tick-1   In-Car Navigation: We register your listing to appear on built-in navigation systems for all major automobile brands

tick-1   Social Media Optimization: We create and optimize hundreds of social media platforms and connect them to your listing to boost brand awareness

tick-1   Secondary Citations: We establish and maintain hundreds of secondary citations for consistency at all times

tick-1    Links and Social Signals: We add hundreds of new signals from Web 2.0’s and social platforms every month

tick-1   Premium Local Press Releases: We syndicate premium press releases to hundreds of local news sites



Local SEO Generates Over 10x More Traffic Than Social Media

You read that right! The click-through rate from FB and IG is much lower than Google because people on Google have purchase intent.

We don’t want to connect with customers when they’re browsing cat pics. We want them when they’re starving and ready to eat!

Our advanced Local SEO services free up your time to focus on what you do best (Hint: It’s not Instagram).

So next time you’re up late counting likes and searching for the perfect hashtag for tomorrow’s special, take a deep breath and log off for the night!


Why Do I Need Local SEO?

Learn why Local SEO is the single most effective strategy to produce a meaningful and measurable increase in customers to your restaurant:


The top local search results are known as the Google Local 3-Pack.

Ranking in the 3-Pack produces a huge sales boost, improved brand recognition and a widening sales radius.

Page Two features 17 other listings fighting for much less traffic… and there’s no guarantee that you’ll show up there, either.

It’s not enough to simply put up a GMB listing and hope for the best.

If you want your business to thrive, you must be in the 3-Pack.

This incredible real estate is why Local SEO drives such powerful results.

Consider these facts regarding Google local search traffic:

 1st place earns 28 percent

 2nd place earns 14 percent

 3rd place earns 10 percent

 1st place earns more traffic than 4th to 10th place combined

• 28 percent of all local searches result in a purchase the same day

Look at these stats from Google:

  • “Where to buy” and “near me” mobile-specific searches have grown over 200 percent in the past two years
  • “Best” and “right now” mobile-specific searches have grown over 125 percent in the past two years
  • 46 percent of total searches are for local businesses and services
  • 52 percent of total searches happen on mobile devices

Local SEO is no longer just a helpful addition to normal marketing tactics. It’s absolutely critical that you optimize your local listing if you want to dominate the competition in your area.


More Post & Photo Views


Equal More Calls & Website Visits


Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Off-listing tactics aren’t nearly as effective if your listing is incomplete. We follow all of Google’s best practices to highly optimize your listing so that it effectively converts traffic into new customers.

tick-1   New highly-optimized posts and images are added weekly

tick-1   Images are geotagged with location-specific metadata to boost local relevance

tick-1   Your listing is optimized with products, services and all applicable business attributes

tick-1   We promptly respond to 10 new reviews on your listing per month

tick-1   Review responses incorporate targeted keywords to increase brand authority


How Can Local X Boost My Sales?

Imagine that 100 people are searching for the term “best restaurant near me” in your area every day. A restaurant is considering our services but struggling to justify the costs. Using Google’s own statistics, let’s discover the opportunity that awaits them:


  • 1st place earns 28 percent, or 28 clicks
  • 2nd place earns 14 percent, or 14 clicks
  • 3rd place earns 10 percent, or 10 clicks
  • 1st place earns 7.8 customers
  • 2nd place earns 3.9 customers
  • 3rd place earns 2.8 customers
  • 1st place earns $117/day
  • 2nd place earns $58/day
  • 3rd place earns $42/day
  • 1st place earns $3,528/mo
  • 2nd place earns $1,764/mo
  • 3rd place earns $1,260/mo

Our client earns over $3,500/mo for a 1st place ranking! And that is for just a single keyword… Local X skyrockets your rankings for multiple keywords at once.



Take Back The Fees From 3rd-Party Platforms

Merchant fees for popular delivery platforms can exceed 30%. You are sacrificing over a third of your sales just to use their services! 

Despite the popularity of these platforms, people still use Google to search for restaurants more than anything else.

Local SEO allows you to generate your own traffic and process your own orders, avoiding exorbitant merchant fees.

This also simplifies your end-of-day reporting and eliminates the need for multiple tablets that clutter your FOH.



Know Exactly What’s Happening with Transparent Reporting

With Local X, we give you 100 percent transparent reporting to monitor the progress of your campaign. We include:

tick-1    Deliverables Reporting

We show you exactly what work has been done for your campaign. This includes all links that we have built, as well as new content created for your listing.

tick-1    Results Reporting

See how the work we have done is affecting your traffic, rankings, and keywords.

See Campaign Dashboard


Speak With An Expert



Client Results in Queens, NY

Test Area: 1 square km

Start Date: Nov 25, 2020

End Date: Jun 29, 2021

Timeframe: 7 months

Keyword: Take Out

Results: 3rd place spots have improved to 2nds, 1sts are focused around the establishment, 4th place spots and above have been completely eliminated.



Client Results in Austin, TX

Test Area: 1 square km

Start Date: Oct 15, 2020

End Date: Jun 29, 2021

Timeframe: 8.5 months

Keyword: Salad Shop

Results: The client went from being completely unlisted to solid 3-Pack rankings across 95% of the test area.



Client Results in Sheboygan, WI

Test Area: 1 square km

Start Date: Jan 28, 2021

End Date: Apr 22, 2021

Timeframe: < 3 months

Keyword: Gluten-Free Restaurant

Results: The client gained significant 3-Pack rankings both to the north and south of their establishment.


How Local X Works

We use a specific, streamlined process to achieve the best results on your campaign, customizing our strategy to your unique cuisine and location:


After joining Local X, you’ll answer a few simple questions about your business and main competitors so we can perform our initial analysis.

During our analysis, we will consider all important aspects of your campaign:

GMB Check

We will take a look at your listing to make sure that all basic info is correct and there are no duplicate location errors. This will let us know if there is anything we need to take care of before we get into our work.

Existing Citations

We will look into your listing's existing citations and directory entries to ensure that all info is consistent and there is nothing that will negatively impact your rankings.

Competitor Citations

We don’t just want to target any citations, we want to target citations that will help you shoot past your competitors and bring in new customers.

Content Gap Analysis

This is where we will find all of the keywords your direct and indirect competitors are ranking for (and that you’re currently missing). We will then filter this list based on keyword competition, CPC value and volume. This list of keywords will be used in your GMB posts and content creation.

After our research is completed, we'll schedule an onboarding call to review the campaign and answer your questions. Once you approve the order, we get to work!

The fulfillment process for all monthly deliverables typically takes 30 days to be completed.

Tracking SEO results takes time and patience. You have full access to your campaign dashboard to check keyword rankings and estimated monthly traffic.

Each month your dashboard will show all tasks and deliverables we have completed for your campaign. We are happy to book a call at any time to review your progress.


What You Get with Local X

tick-1    Advanced Keyword Research

We’ll identify what terms your target audience is actually searching for.

tick-1    Customized SEO Strategy

Get a strategy customized specifically for your unique listing.

tick-1    High-Quality Content

GMB posts and content optimized to rank highly in local search.

tick-1    Strategic Citations and Link-Building

Diversified, effective citations and link-building to push your listing into the 3-Pack.

tick-1    Transparent Reporting

Know exactly what’s happening with your campaign with our real-time dashboard.

tick-1    World-Class Customer Support

We’re always here to answer all of your questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to several of the most common questions we receive about Local X. Please take some time to go through them so that you can better understand our services. If you still have more questions, don’t hesitate to book a call with us!


Standard Series: Best price-to-value ratio. Good for low competition markets and businesses that are already doing well and want to maintain top rankings.

Competition Series: Best quality and performance. Good for high competition markets and businesses that wants to skyrocket rankings as fast as possible. 

Major Differences:

1. Competition includes Local Accelerator, giving your business a massive 2 month (Basic), 4 month (Advanced) or 6 month (Elite) jump start so you can skyrocket your rankings ASAP.

2. Competition includes premium GMB optimization, meaning that your listing and Google properties will be highly optimized by one of our senior GMB specialists.

3. Competition includes premium content writing, including GMB posts, guest posts, brand mentions and local press releases created by one of our senior copywriters and further optimized for a superior combination of SEO and readability.

Major Similarities:

1. Both series incorporate several key elements of our proven SEO strategy to ensure that your rankings improve every month.

2. Both series provide you with a real-time dashboard to monitor campaign progress.

1. Does your business receive most of its sales from people who live nearby?

2. Are your goods or services town or region-specific?

If you answered Yes to either of these questions then Local X is a great fit for your business.

1. Do you primarily sell goods or services online to people outside your local area?

2. Do you rely on your website as your primary source of sales?

If you answered Yes to either of these questions then Moonraker X is a better fit for your business.

The primary purpose of Local SEO is to rank your Google My Business listing higher and wider in local search results.

It's all about properly structuring data to send powerful signals to Google that your listing deserves greater authority than your competitors.

The result is more appearances in the Local 3-Pack, more traffic and more sales for you.

Local SEO has little to do with:

  • Branding
  • Social media posts and influencer campaigns
  • Paid ads and PPC campaigns
  • Offline paid ads (newspapers, etc.)
  • Events and promos
  • Email campaigns

These types of marketing can continue unaffected.

The ONLY conflict of interest would be if somebody is already performing Local SEO for you, at which point we would encourage you to give Local X a try!

Google pay-per-click (PPC) ads are a legitimate way to generate site traffic, but there are inherent disadvantages that we believe make Local SEO far more beneficial in most cases.

PPC Advantages:

• Instant visibility: Paid ads instantly get you into the 3-Pack and can result in a sales boost when done right. Unfortunately, running effective ads is much harder than it looks and there is a very good chance that inexperienced advertisers will spend a lot of money for little to no results. You can hire an agency to run ads for you, but your money will go farther when invested in Local SEO.

• Located higher than search results: This advantage is quickly shrinking, as research shows that 70-80% of users skip over paid ads and go directly to search results.

Local SEO Advantages:

• Search results convert 5.66x better than PPC: People are well aware that anybody can run ads, significantly lowering their credibility. And let's not even get started on ads for that product you purchased three weeks ago!

• Search results are not affected by ad blockers: Over 25% of people use ad blockers and this number is steadily increasing, but search results will never be blocked.

• SEO is an investment in your business: Paid ads either make you money or you may as well have thrown that cash out the window. SEO adds value over time as your rankings increase. The money you dedicate towards SEO today will pay you back for years to come.

One of the biggest challenges for content marketing campaigns is how to manage multiple locations that each have unique branding.

The content needed for each location adds up and can quickly become overwhelming.

A huge advantage of Local SEO is that it's mostly about data.

We can skyrocket your rankings for multiple locations without needing a single piece of content from you.

All we need to get started is:

  • Your business logo
  • Basic info (business name, address, phone, description of products/services, website url, etc.)
  • Images of each location and your products/services, if available (if not, we can use high definition stock images)

Any content that we need for your campaign (GMB posts, press releases, etc.) will be created by our experienced writing team.

You can rest assured that we use every proven tactic to boost your rankings.

Our Local X services cover 1 physical location. e.g. if you have 10 storefronts, you will need 10 plans to optimize all of them.

Most of our multi-location clients start with a single location and. upon seeing the amazing results. eagerly expand our services to include more.

We encourage you to start at the level you are comfortable with. We're confident you'll become a believer in just a few months!

Yes. We track 15 local keywords per location.

Once everything is up and running, we will provide you with a link to your campaign dashboard, which contains up-to-date info on all monthly tasks, links, posts and content that our team has created for you, as well as a road map of what's to come.

View a Sample Campaign Dashboard

Our local press releases help you to get powerful brand links and mentions from authority news sites to increase your business exposure.

The way we do this is by quickly and safely creating brand links for your listing and syndicating them with high-quality news sites. 

We send your press release to over 300 news and media outlets, including Google News, CBS, Fox, ABC, CW, NBC affiliated broadcasting websites, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun Times and more, including Associated Press journalists and thru AP Datafeatures services.

Press releases are also sent for syndication on the News Information Engine (NIE) Circuit.

NIE is subscribed by millions of journalists, corporate decision makers and brokers to track and break news.

With NIE, press releases will reach AP, Acquire Media, Comtex, Factiva, LexisNexis, SyndiGate, DMN Newswire network & Newsletters, News360, NewsCentral and media outlets such as Bloomberg, Business Week, Digital Journal, Individual, Equities, TradingCharts, Qtrade Financial, PredictWallStreet, and Interactive Data.

With this service, we guarantee a minimum of 400 new links per month and take care of all the writing for you to ensure that each release is highly optimized to develop real brand authority and increase traffic to your listing.

Simply submit a list of your existing accounts and citations during the onboarding process and we'll replace them with new, highly optimized versions.

We try to avoid building duplicates, so please be as thorough with this information as possible.

If you don't have a list of existing citations and accounts we'll do our best to search for them before we build new ones.

We use proprietary analytics software for our own team as well as major analytics platforms including Google Analytics, SEMrush, Moz, and Ahrefs. All link building is done manually.

We cannot begin our Local SEO Services without access to your account.

The easiest method of granting account access is to make us a manager of your GMB listing.

To do this, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account and access the Google My Business page.
  2. Select the three dash menu icon in the upper left corner and select Users.
  3. Select the plus icon, add [email protected] and then select the plus again.

There are two other options for allowing us the access we need to optimize your account:

  1. Supply our team with your own Google login credentials associated with your GMB account.
  2. Create a new Gmail, make it a manager of the listing and provide us with access to that Gmail instead.

Additionally, please make sure that two-step verification is turned off, as we cannot start an order with this in place.

To learn how to turn off two-step verification, check out the Google article on the topic Here.

No matter how you choose to give us access to your account, don’t forget to supply recovery info!

Recovery info is a Google security measure that allows you to provide a backup email and phone number to use if you are ever locked out of your account.

As a security measure, it adds another step for anyone trying to access your account without permission.

Recovery info is a requirement for our team, as much of the work we provide for you will be done from locations that are generally not where your last login occurred, causing Google to enact the security measure.

To learn how to create or locate your recovery info, check out the Google article on the topic Here.

Unfortunately not.

Listing verification requires you to enter a code in your GMB dashboard that is mailed to your physical location by Google.

Local X requires a verified GMB listing before we can begin any work.

To find out how to verify your business, check out the Google article on the topic Here.

A consistent NAP is very important to local rankings.

If your NAP details change during the course of our services there will be a one-time fee of $300 required to update any work that has already been completed.



We want you to feel confident in your choice to work with us. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services, email us within 30 days of your latest billing cycle and we’ll work with you to make it right!


Have Questions?

No time for a call? Fill out the form below and we’ll respond as soon as we can.