ID Resolution – Why Do I Need It?

Because Only 2 Percent of Your Paid Traffic is Converting.

You may as well throw 98 percent of your ads budget directly in the trash. Think of what you spent to get those clicks in the first place.

The cost of ads continues to increase and they are plagued by bots and fraudulent clicks, wreaking havoc on your data.

You desperately need to improve the quality of your paid traffic, keep your costs down and get valuable conversions up.

There Are Two Ways to Address This:


Increase Your Ad Spend
Burning through budget with outdated tactics is wasteful and inefficient.


Identify Hyper-Engaged Leads
Target only the site visitors and people like them with the greatest level of interest.

Most campaigns suffer from poor targeting, running ads to people who are in the right demographic but not currently in-market.

Many advertisers use lookalike audiences to improve campaign results, but these only work when used properly. You don’t want site visitors who show up and immediately bounce. You want people who make multiple visits and spend significant time engaging with your content.

Identity resolution gives us the power to run ads to only your most highly-engaged site visitors, omitting everybody else, including ad bots.

What is Identity Resolution?

When a visitor lands on your site, Moonraker resolves their identity by matching their device ID to our vast network of data providers.

A unique profile of each visitor is added to your identity graph, allowing us to track their behavior across your site, ad channels and digital content, including online and offline purchases.

Our technology is cookie-free and resolves over 90 percent of global site visitors, converting them into permanent, portable first-party data that can be used for hyper-targeting, personalization, list building, analytics and more.

We currently track over 8 billion devices worldwide, recognizing several devices per person.






Identity Resolution is the Key to Hyper-Targeting

Our proprietary algorithm uses real-time engagement scoring to segment site visitors based on hundreds of key behavioral metrics, automatically creating a hyper-engaged custom audience of in-market prospects.

We deliver these high performance, continually enhanced, curated and optimized people-based audiences to Google and Facebook (and other online or offline marketing channels) once per week.






10-Day Client Case Study

Below is a screenshot of the Google Ads Manager from a property management company with a $10k monthly budget.

We conducted a split test from Feb 21 – Mar 1, 2020, running identical ads with the client’s targeting vs Moonraker hyper-targeting.


The results are startling:

Interaction Score up 98.5 percent

Conversions up 450 percent

Conversion Rate up 163.1 percent

Cost per Click (CPC) down 46.9 percent

Cost per Acquisition (CPA) down 79.8 percent



What Experts Are Saying About Identity Resolution



Identity Resolution isn’t just a trending hot-topic in the industry, it is a strategic imperative and fundamental enabler for customer experience.



Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, whatever you’re doing – if you don’t understand it, learn it. Otherwise, you’ll be a dinosaur in 3 years.

— MARK CUBAN, Billionaire Investor


Consumer data will be the biggest differentiator in the next two to three years. Whoever unlocks the reams of data and uses it strategically will win.

— ANGELA AHRENDTS, Senior VP of Retail, Apple


Big Data will spell the death of customer segmentation and force the marketer to understand each customer as an individual or be left in the dust.


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