Identity Resolution Pricing

Straightforward Pricing

Flat Monthly Fee: No fluctuating data costs or usage-based pricing, just a simple flat fee per month.

Up To 1 Million Site Visitors / Month: Our flat fee includes identity resolution for up to 1 million global site visitors per month.

90-Day Trial Period: Give our technology 3 months and see if it doesn’t completely obliterate any paid marketing you have ever tried. If you decide to move forward, a 12-month contract will be presented. 





Frequently Asked Questions


That means they are getting ZERO organic search traffic, as reported by Ahrefs after analyzing over 1 Billion sites.

They are trapped in the place where sites go to die, Page Two and beyond.

It’s not enough to simply launch your site and hope for the best. If you want your business to thrive, you must be on Page One.

Look at this research from BrightEdge:

  • 51 percent of all traffic comes from organic search
  • 10 percent from paid ads
  • 5 percent from social media
  • 34 percent from all other sources

You read that right… organic search drives 10x more traffic than social media!

Remember that next time you’re posting on FB at 2am trying to get more eyes on your business.

  • 1st place earns 42 percent
  • 2nd place earns 12 percent
  • 3rd place earns 9 percent
  • 4th place earns 6 percent
  • 5th-10th earn under 5 percent each
  • 1st place earns over 3x more traffic than 2nd place
  • Page One receives 90 percent of total traffic
  • Page Two receives only 4 percent of total traffic
  • Show up first and your business will BOOM

Organic search drives over 8x the conversions of outbound marketing.

Outbound includes tactics like email campaigns, mass texts/DMs, direct mail, as well as TV and radio ads. 

Our team can skyrocket your rankings without a single ad, drip sequence or social media blast.

Google pay-per-click (PPC) ads are a legitimate way to generate site traffic, but there are inherent disadvantages that we believe make Organic SEO far more beneficial in most cases.


• Instant visibility: Paid ads instantly get you on Page One and can result in a sales boost when done right. Unfortunately, running effective ads is much harder than it looks and there is a very good chance that inexperienced advertisers will spend a lot of money with little to no results. You can hire an agency to run ads for you, but your money will go farther when invested in SEO.

• Located higher than search results: This advantage is quickly shrinking, as research shows that 70-80 percent of users skip over paid ads and go directly to organic search results.


• Search results convert 5.66x better than PPC: People are well aware that anybody can run ads, significantly lowering their credibility.

• Search results are not affected by ad blockers: Over 25 percent of people use ad blockers and this number is steadily increasing. Showing up at the top of organic search results ensures that your site will never be blocked.

• SEO is an investment in your business: Paid ads either make you money or you may as well have thrown that cash out the window. SEO adds value over time as your rankings increase. The money you dedicate towards SEO today will pay you back for years to come.

Unparalleled Client Support

Our team is eager to address any of your questions or concerns to ensure that you gain the most value from our technology.

Our dev team is ready to support custom integration requests. If you can envision a new way to leverage the data, we can help you achieve it.

We’re always here when you need us! Please get in touch with any questions or comments and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Real-Time and Monthly Reporting

Never be caught in the dark. The dashboard allows you to monitor important campaign metrics and compare your current data to baseline and previous results.

We use the following tools to monitor your campaign progress:

Moonraker Dashboard
Google Data Studio
Google Ads Manager
Facebook Ads Manager
LinkedIn Ads Manager
Additional Ad Channels


Moonraker Dashboard


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