Mobile Marketing Strategies for Home Healthcare Services

The Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Every year, more and more people are switching to their mobile phone as the primary device they use to browse online. This is the case for all industries and applies equally to recreation and leisure as it does to essential services like medical and healthcare. Because of this, it is extremely important that mobile devices are considered as a separate and equally critical aspect to an effective digital marketing strategy for healthcare services.

Let’s discuss some of the ways that mobile devices can be specifically targeted in a robust healthcare marketing strategy.



Client Case Study

Keywords in the healthcare industry, especially the cosmetic healthcare niche, are notoriously valuable and hard to rank for. Our goal was to rank their site at the top of Page One so that they would gain profitable traffic without the need for PPC ads. The results are a top of Page One presence for several valuable short and long-tail keywords related to a variety of their locations.


Niche: Plastic Surgery



Pos: Current position (vs highest position)

Volume: Estimated monthly search volume

KD: Keyword difficulty (explained below)

CPC (USD): Estimated cost per click to run PPC ads for the same keyword

Ranking for Difficult Keywords

Below is a chart showing what it takes to rank for keywords of various difficulties, based on extensive research by Ahrefs, a widely used SEO tool. You can see in the client results above that all keywords are in the “Hard” category, some in “Super Hard”, meaning that it would take an estimated 37-200+ linking domains in order for a page to rank on Google Page One for them.




Our manual backlink process and indexing strategy focuses on connecting your site month after month to several high-authority sites within your niche. It is well established that links from pages with high authority share significantly more influence on your rankings than links from low authority pages. Our goal is quality, not quantity, and the result is top rankings for valuable keywords such as these, driving meaningful, high-converting traffic to your website.

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Do You Need Mobile Marketing for Your Healthcare Services?

The answer to this question is a resounding Yes. 90 percent of your potential clients / patients and prospects are on a mobile device. They want to communicate with you on a mobile device. Healthcare mobile marketing no longer maintains just a supporting role, it is an integral piece of the puzzle to access your customers and patients where they are browsing using the methods they prefer.

Search Engines love it if your web site is mobile friendly, all the more your services are easier to access and book an appointment.

Below are some simple tips to take your home healthcare marketing strategies to the next level.



Pro Tip #1: Add Mobile-Friendly Contact Buttons

This is a very simple fix that can make a huge difference for the mobile experience on your website. One of the challenges to designing a website that looks great both on desktop and mobile is to ensure that the usage of space on mobile is highly optimized. There needs to be enough room in the view port for users to see your site’s content while also having access to menus and buttons that will enhance their experience and help them transition quickly and easily to important actions like making contact via phone call or email.

Mobile sites are all about streamlining the process as much as possible. People are exceptionally sensitive to unnecessary clicks and wasted time while on mobile. Anything that stands in the way of your prospect connecting with your business needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. 

Southern Surgical Arts is a great example of a mobile-specific menu at work. The dominant button color throughout the site is carried into the mobile menu, encouraging users to click through to make contact. Another great feature is the fact that there is a photo album included in the menu, which encourages users to interact with it even before they are ready to make contact, familiarizing them with the process of tapping there and removing any last bit of resistance to tapping those buttons.

Pro Tip #2: Add a Review Slider

Online reviews are trusted by almost 90 percent of people as much as personal recommendations. That is how important it is to generate and also share your positive reviews prominently on your website.

A great idea is to add a responsive review slider. Responsive review sliders are connected to one or several of your most popular review sites, usually Google, Facebook, and any healthcare-specific review sites your business is listed on like Healthgrades, Vitals or RateMDs. They pull real-time data from these platforms and showcase your reviews based on a variety of criteria that you choose. A slider is designed to scroll across your screen horizontally and show off different reviews every few seconds, adding an interesting touch to your site and driving the point home to new patients that your business and service is top notch and deserves to be trusted.

Not only are review sliders a great tool for building trust, but many can be configured to allow easy access for site visitors to click over and add their own review on the platform of their choice. In this way, they not only help to share your positive feedback with the world, but also help to grow it more quickly.

Responsive review sliders are optimized to show well on both desktop and mobile, providing a seamless experience regardless of the device being utilized. Because of the extreme focus on reviews during the mobile browsing experience, we feel that it is absolutely imperative to include a review slider somewhere prominent on your website.



Pro Tip #3: Automate Review Generation

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous tip. Your review slider will look and function much better if it is filled with dozens of fresh new reviews talking all about how great your services are. The problem is that this can be a tedious process, especially when you are busy with the day to day tasks of running your business.

The best solution is to setup an automated review service. One of our favorites is called Ovation. Ovation allows you to request new reviews from patients in several ways that makes it easy to get feedback. Everything from a kiosk with a tablet installed in your waiting area, to automated text followups after an appointment, they make it easy to reach out to people soon after they have a positive experience with you. A significant portion of people who have a positive experience at a business are happy to share it, but they are never prompted to do so and soon forget. This tool makes it easy to reach out when the experience is fresh in your patient’s mind.

Even better is the ability to direct negative feedback away from review sites and straight to your customer feedback team. We call this bad review blocking, and it gives you one more chance to meet your patient’s needs before they broadcast their frustration to the public. Most negative reviews come from a lack of satisfactory service and a need to be heard. If you provide the opportunity for your patients to share their thoughts with you in a way that is received promptly and handled responsibly, you will find that many people who had a bad experience will be transformed into promoters just by how well you handle their grievances.

Probably the most important thing about reviews is that they are an amazing tool for boosting the SEO of your business listing, especially when the reviews are generated on Google. As the number one review site in the world and also the source of practically 90% of the world’s daily searches. Google gives tremendous credit to businesses that have amazing reviews coming in on a regular basis. This will factor in as strongly as proximity when Google decides who to show first in search results. They are likely to show a business that is farther away because it has amazing reviews, basically telling somebody that it is worth a slightly longer ride to ensure that you have a top quality experience.

Businesses get even more credit when Google reviews are responded to within 24 hours, as Google can see that you are trying your best to be in touch with the customer and are responding to their needs and desires.



Pro Tip #4: Fully Optimize your Google My Business Listing

It is imperative that your healthcare facility have a highly optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing. Your GMB listing is kind of like a mini-website that lives inside Google and directs local searches towards your facility.

Google designed its algorithms to share the most relevant search results with somebody based on several factors. When it comes to local specific searches like “medical clinic near me”, Google will see near me and provide local search results that direct the person to the place that is nearby that matches their request. Although one of the biggest factors in the order of search results is proximity (it wouldn’t make sense to send somebody across the country, even if it WAS the best clinic around), there are still many things that can be done to boost the relevance of your listing and encourage Google to share it with more people over a wider radius.

To learn more about what goes into a highly optimized GMB listing, we encourage you to visit our Local SEO Services page to see how we go about fully optimizing your listing so that you show up higher and wider in local search results.

There are literally dozens of tasks that we perform on and off your listing to highly optimize everything so that Google will see you as the most trustworthy and reputable local establishment around. Local search results are not just based on proximity, but also largely on authority, and the best way to boost your authority other than reviews is to make sure that your listing is highly optimized and that you are also sharing the same relevant info about your establishment at as many other secondary directories as possible, another big piece of our monthly services.

The Advantage of Dedicated Healthcare Marketing Consultants

Our team has provided over 7,000 clients with 50,000 rankings. We know what it takes to conduct expert-level healthcare mobile marketing that delivers real results.

Moonraker is comprised of over 50 marketing professionals with a combined 100+ years of experience:

  • Dedicated Keyword Research Experts
  • Advanced Website Audit Experts
  • On-Page Optimization Experts
  • Link Analysis Experts
  • Link Building Experts
  • SEO Strategy Experts
  • Social Media Experts
  • Content Development Experts
  • Marketing Copywriters
  • Project Managers
  • Account Managers

You get over a century of medical marketing expertise for a fraction of the cost of in-house employees. You could actually run seven Elite Organic SEO campaigns simultaneously (even though you’ll only need one) for less than a 3-person in-house marketing team and our results will be better. There are not too many marketing agencies that can boast such extensive experience and value in the healthcare industry.

Our contracts are month-to-month, meaning you pay for what we’ve done and nothing more. Find that level of understanding from your employees!

Most of our clients recover their investment within the first 6 months. From there on out it’s solid profit, and significantly more of it. We are confident that once you see the results, we will have the pleasure of working with you for a long time.

We encourage you to get in touch today so we can show you what a dedicated marketing strategy for healthcare services can do for your business!

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