Local SEO – Why Do I Need It?

Because 50 Percent of People Who Search Local Visit One of the Top 3 Listings in 24 Hours.

The top local search results are known as the Google Local 3-Pack.

Ranking in the 3-Pack produces a huge sales boost, improved brand recognition and a widening sales radius.

Page Two features 17 other listings fighting for much less traffic… and there’s no guarantee that you’ll show up there, either.

It’s not enough to simply put up a GMB listing and hope for the best.

If you want your business to thrive, you must be in the 3-Pack.

Chasing The 3-Pack

The 3-Pack is positioned above organic search results in what we call Position Zero. This incredible real estate is why Local SEO drives such powerful results.

Consider these facts regarding Google local search traffic:

1st place earns 25 percent of total search traffic

2nd place earns 14 percent

3rd place earns 10 percent

1st place earns more traffic than 4th to 10th place combined

• 28 percent of all local searches result in a purchase the same day


Google Local 3-Pack


What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Let’s imagine that 1,000 people are searching for “restaurants near me” in your area every day. Based on the statistics above:

  • 1st place gets 250 clicks
  • 2nd place gets 140 clicks
  • 3rd place gets 100 clicks

28 percent of those clicks result in a purchase that day:

  • 1st place makes 70 sales
  • 2nd place makes 40 sales
  • 3rd place makes 28 sales

If each sale earns $5 profit:

  • 1st place earns $350/day
  • 2nd place earns $200/day
  • 3rd place earns $140/day

If rankings are maintained over the course of a month:

  • 1st place earns $10,500/mo
  • 2nd place earns $6,000/mo
  • 3rd place earns $4,200/mo

This is just an example and the search volume in your area will vary. Regardless, it’s easy to see why ranking in the 3-Pack will transform your business.

Local Search is Exploding

Look at these stats from Google:

  • “Where to buy” and “near me” mobile-specific searches have grown over 200 percent in the past two years
  • “Best” and “right now” mobile-specific searches have grown over 125 percent in the past two years
  • 46 percent of total searches are for local businesses and services
  • 52 percent of total searches happen on mobile devices

Local SEO is no longer just a helpful addition to normal marketing tactics. It’s absolutely critical that you optimize your local listing if you want to dominate the competition.

4 Steps to Boost Local Search Traffic

(This was recorded before the merger of Moonraker and Chris Goes Viral. You’ll hear the old name, but tactics are the same.)

A Proven Formula For Local Growth

Our team has ranked thousands of GMB listings. We run dozens of tests each year, further refining our powerful approach. We know what it takes to master the Local SEO game.

That’s why we offer completely Done-For-You Local SEO Services that eliminate all the guesswork from the process. Our goal is to generate massive ranking and traffic increases for your listing, allowing you the freedom to focus on what you do best… running your business.

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