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Client Case Study

This client had tried SEO and PPC in the past, but did not have the best of luck with the previous agency. While it’s uncommon for results to come quickly, this campaign generated big ranking increases month after month, encouraging them to continue with the content creation and link building strategy.


Niche: Dental




Pos: Current position (vs highest position)

Volume: Estimated monthly search volume

KD: Keyword difficulty (explained below)

Ranking for Difficult Keywords

Below is a chart showing what it takes to rank for keywords of various difficulties, based on extensive research by Ahrefs, a widely used SEO tool. You can see in the client results above that all keywords are in the “Hard” category, meaning that it would take an estimated 37-200 linking domains in order for a page to rank on Google Page One for them.




Our manual backlink process and indexing strategy focuses on connecting your site month after month to several high-authority sites within your niche. It is well established that links from pages with high authority share significantly more influence on your rankings than links from low authority pages. Our goal is quality, not quantity, and the result is top rankings for valuable keywords such as these, driving meaningful, high-converting traffic to your website.

We Highly Optimize your Online Healthcare Presence

SEO may seem like a daunting and time-consuming process, especially healthcare national marketing for multi-state clinics and medical facilities. It is true that there are many subtle details of the industry that any healthcare marketing firm needs to know in order to provide the best service to their clients. But it is not true that SEO is more trouble than it is worth, or that you can get better return on investment from other practices.

SEO is an investment in your company, which clearly becomes evident as time passes and your site ranks for more and more valuable keywords in your niche. Organic traffic brings in over 50 percent of total traffic to any site, and that statistic includes paid ads. Below are some of the things that we do to ensure that you are getting the best return on your investment when you choose to begin an SEO campaign with us.



On-Page Optimization

All of our SEO campaigns begin with on-page optimizations. These address improvements on your site at the page-level and site-wide level. Small issues can accumulate and add up to large penalties in traffic and ranking. We provide a detailed 20+ page audit that identifies the improvements that we recommend. After learning as much as possible, our team creates a comprehensive analysis, looking at 12 criteria per search term to determine a course of action that will provide the most powerful improvements for your site.

Below is a short list of on-page optimizations that should be completed by all healthcare marketing firms to ensure they make meaningful improvements to your site:



We identify technical issues on your site with over 200 checkpoints, ensuring that we hit every opportunity to improve your site rankings. We eliminate all factors that are preventing your website from ranking well. 



We use one of the top SEO analysis tools to investigate some of your biggest competitors, discovering what they do well and utilizing similar tactics to go beyond.



We document all aspects of our proposed changes before anything is installed on your site. You are provided with a detailed comparison of the before and after to see exactly what has been upgraded. All details are sent for approval and installation is scheduled with you in advance.



We ensure that your title tags are highly optimized for all major pages without over-stuffing them with keywords.



We remove all duplicate meta-descriptions and add relevant keywords. We cross-check the meta-descriptions with your content to ensure that they are optimized for conversions.



We check your most important pages for the density of keywords and optimize your language in a way that does not disrupt the feeling or meaning behind it. We carefully balance keyword emphasis with your unique brand voice.



We create and submit an XML Sitemap to Google and add an additional sitemap for Yahoo and Bing to help your site index more quickly.



We add optimizations that are geared towards your unique site and content management system. We have worked with several systems, including WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, SquareSpace, Drupal, OpenCart, Wix, Weebly and many more.



Off-Page Optimization

One of the most important ways to rank any website is to continually add meaningful backlinks from high authority websites. Backlinks are another site’s way of passing on authority and credibility to your site, by notifying Google that your site contains quality content that is worth linking to. With a good mix of quality backlinks and other brand signals, Google will boost your ranking and expose your content to more people.

We work with a vast network of thousands of sites, hundreds that are perfect for healthcare national marketing campaigns and have repeatedly proven their value in producing reliable ranking increases.

Not all backlinks are created equal. Our niche authority backlinks come from sites that have a Domain Authority of 35 and up (DA35+). We never create backlinks that are lower than 35, ensuring that your site is associated with quality sources that will always produce a positive result.



Social Media Optimization

It is also extremely important to optimize as many social media platforms as possible. Although this doesn’t lend authority directly to your site in the same way as a quality backlink will, it is still very important to complete.

When Google ranks your brand, they consider several factors as a whole. This includes the breadth and optimization of your social media profiles as well. They want to see that you are a trustworthy business sharing meaningful content with your users on several platforms. This is done by sharing congruent messaging across as many different platforms and locations as possible.

Healthcare marketing firms should know that social media optimization is an important part of the puzzle for your SEO campaign. Make sure that this service is included with any healthcare national marketing plan that you sign up for. At Moonraker, we optimize over 80 social media platforms for your business, listing all relevant business info and building out your brand’s influence across many properties to gain maximum credit from Google.



Create New Content on a Consistent Basis

One of the most important tactics a healthcare marketing firm can use to rank your website is content creation, although it is also one of the more time-consuming tasks to accomplish. The idea of creating engaging content on a weekly or monthly basis may seem overwhelming, but it is still a very important component to your overall SEO campaign.

Our team has years of experience creating unique content for our clients. We have produced thousands of articles, blog posts and syndicated press releases that get your brand noticed on hundreds of local and national news destinations.

We alternate our strategy between a combination of guest posts on high authority sites, nationally syndicated press releases, video and image content, and blog posts on your own site.

Our US-based, native English writing team is highly trained at researching relevant and trending topics in your industry and using it to build quality content. If you are reading this, then this content worked on you, and we can help your brand connect with new patients, too!

The Advantage of a Dedicated Healthcare Marketing Firm

Our team has provided over 7,000 clients with 50,000 rankings. We know what it takes to conduct expert-level healthcare web marketing that delivers real results.

Moonraker is comprised of over 50 marketing professionals with a combined 100+ years of experience:

  • Dedicated Keyword Research Experts
  • Advanced Website Audit Experts
  • On-Page Optimization Experts
  • Link Analysis Experts
  • Link Building Experts
  • SEO Strategy Experts
  • Social Media Experts
  • Content Development Experts
  • Marketing Copywriters
  • Project Managers
  • Account Managers

You get over a century of expertise for a fraction of the cost of in-house employees. You could actually run seven Elite Organic SEO campaigns simultaneously (even though you’ll only need one) for less than a 3-person in-house marketing team and our results will be better. There are not too many marketing agencies that can boast such extensive experience and value in the healthcare industry.

Our contracts are month-to-month, meaning you pay for what we’ve done and nothing more. Find that level of understanding from your employees!

Most of our clients recover their investment within the first 6 months. From there on out it’s solid profit, and significantly more of it. We are confident that once you see the results, we will have the pleasure of working with you for a long time.

We encourage you to get in touch today so we can show you what a dedicated healthcare web marketing strategy can do for your business!

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