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There are a lot of options for your marketing needs in Boston. The important thing is to team up with the healthcare digital marketing agency that can meet them most effectively. Moonraker has the right combination of experience and dedication to the unique requirements of the healthcare and medical industry. Not every niche benefits from the same strategy and some are more competitive than others. Just like the Digital Marketing Strategies for the healthcare industry, it is carefully analyzed before applying the right onpage and offpage techniques.

Marketing in healthcare industry specific ways presents unique challenges that require a particular combination of solutions. Take a look below at the specific things that we do to get your business found on Google.



Client Case Study

To target the procedures offered by Boston Plastic Surgery using paid ads would cost between $50-$60 per click. Our goal was to rank their site at the top of Page One so that they would gain profitable traffic without the need for PPC ads. The result was a bump in business by 25-30% based on increased site traffic.


Niche: Plastic Surgery



Pos: Current position (vs highest position)

Volume: Estimated monthly search volume

KD: Keyword difficulty (explained below)

CPC (USD): Estimated cost per click to run PPC ads for the same keyword

Ranking for Difficult Keywords

Below is a chart showing what it takes to rank for keywords of various difficulties, based on extensive research by Ahrefs, a widely used SEO tool. You can see in the client results above that all keywords are in the “Hard” category, meaning that it would take an estimated 37-200 linking domains in order for a page to rank on Google Page One for them.




Our manual backlink process and indexing strategy focuses on connecting your site month after month to several high-authority sites within your niche. It is well established that links from pages with high authority share significantly more influence on your rankings than links from low authority pages. Our goal is quality, not quantity, and the result is top rankings for valuable keywords such as these, driving meaningful, high-converting traffic to your website.

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Why Do I Need Organic SEO?

Because organic search drives more traffic than all other sources combined, coming in a total of 51 percent of all traffic. That’s 10x more traffic than social media!

Organic search also drives over 8x the conversions of outbound marketing. Outbound includes tactics such as email, print, radio and TV ads.  

Healthcare marketing Boston SEO campaigns provide a lasting return on investment because SEO continues to provide value for months or years once your site begins ranking for valuable keywords in your industry.

A lot of novice marketers think that they can make some big money by immediately launching a paid ads campaign and driving traffic to their website. While it’s true that that could potentially work for an experienced marketer, paid ads are a great way for a new marketer to spend thousands without seeing a single bit of return on their investment. There are no lasting benefits to your website of running paid ads.

On the contrary, SEO accumulates and adds value over time. As Marketing Experts, we like to think of it like getting a train moving… it takes a lot to get going at first, but once the momentum gets going it will start cruising along in a way that will continue to provide value month after month with very little manual involvement on your part. In that way, we like to think of SEO as more of an investment in your business than service, as a well ranking website is an asset that can be leveraged in the future.



On-Page Optimization

In Phase 1 of our SEO campaigns, on-page optimizations are addressed that improve your site at the page-level and site-wide level. We provide a detailed 20+ page audit that identifies all improvements that we recommend. After learning as much as possible about your business, our analytics team creates a comprehensive competitive keyword analysis, looking at 12 criteria per keyword to determine which ones will provide the most meaningful improvements for your rankings.

Below is a short list of on-page SEO that should be completed by any healthcare marketing agency to make meaningful improvements to your site:



We won’t know what to fix until we know what you are working with. We identify SEO issues by using over 200 checkpoints to ensure that we hit all opportunities to improve your rankings. Our report clearly shows the factors that are preventing your website from ranking well.



We investigate your biggest competitors to discover what they do well so that we can utilize similar tactics and then go beyond.



We document all aspects of the changes we have proposed before we install them to your site. You will be provided with a detailed before and after comparison to see exactly how your site has been upgraded. All details are sent for approval and installation is scheduled in advance. Nothing gets pushed live to your site before we receive your explicit permission to do so.



The title tag is probably the most important single element of a page. It is the title that shows up in Google search results. It must be highly relevant to both what you sell and what people are actually searching for. We optimize your title tags while making sure not to over-stuff them with keywords.



Meta-descriptions are found below titles in Google search results when they have been created. Otherwise, Google will just pull this information directly from the site, which usually looks pretty messy with the navigation text and everything else coming up first. Meta-descriptions should always be filled out with highly relevant information about what you sell and what people are searching for. We remove duplicate metadata and include relevant keywords. We cross-check metadata with your content to optimize them for search results.



Content is the life blood of all of your pages. Google needs a good amount to crawl through to make sense of your site, especially the pages that we are trying to rank you for. For that reason, we always encourage 2,000 words of content or more for every page. This may seem like a lot, but it’s long form content like this that most commonly ranks at the top of search results for all categories. We check your pages for keyword density and optimize your content in a natural way that does not disrupt the feeling or meaning behind it. We carefully balance keyword emphasis with your brand voice.



We create and submit your Google Sitemap and add a supplemental sitemap for Bing and Yahoo that will help your site and pages index more quickly. The sitemap is an organized data file that basically teaches search engines how your site is structured, helping them to make better sense of your data and the internet in general. It helps encourage your pages to get crawled more quickly and more often, resulting in an improvement in search results. 



We add specific optimizations for your site’s unique content management system. We have worked with several systems, including WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, SquareSpace, Drupal, OpenCart, Wix, Weebly and many more.



Off-Page Optimization

One of the most meaningful ways to rank a website is to generate backlinks from high ranking websites that point back to specific pages on your site. It’s another website’s way of passing on their authority and credibility to your site, by notifying Google through the backlink that your site is worth linking to, and thus also contains quality content. Google takes this information and boosts your site’s ranking, sharing it with more people.

We have a vast network of thousands of sites that we work with, hundreds of which are ideal for marketing in healthcare industry specific niches that improve your rankings.

Google has a grading system called Domain Authority, which is scaled from 1 to 100. Sites near 100 are the biggest and most well known sites in the world, like Facebook and Apple. Sites that are brand new start at 1. A backlink from a site with domain authority 40 (DA40) provides more “link juice” than a backlink from a DA10 site. Our niche authority backlinks are always provided from sites that have DA35 or higher, helping to make a meaningful change to your authority and boosting your rankings.

It’s likes the one very reputable friend who holds so much more leverage than your whole group of friends who even when together can’t really help you gain more access. The quality lies in the level of the credibility and not nearly as much in the number of people who are vouching for you.



New Content Posted Consistently

One of the most important tactics to ranking a website is content creation, although it is one of the most daunting tasks to accomplish. The idea of creating long-form content on a weekly or even monthly basis can seem overwhelming, especially with everything else a business needs to attend to.

We have years of experience writing content pieces for marketing in healthcare industry blogs and journals, and have produced thousands of well-written and syndicated press releases that get your brand noticed on hundreds of local and national news sites.

We alternate our content strategy between a combination of guest posts on high authority blogs, press releases, image and video content, and blog posts on your site. This tactic appears most natural to Google and builds your site’s authority in a varied and credible way.

Our writing team researches relevant and trending topics in your industry and uses it to build quality content. This content is designed to be high-quality and interesting to read, relevant to the current state of your industry and also simultaneously to provide as much SEO value as possible to help booth your site rankings from Google. Healthcare Organizations has a vast amount of content that you can write aboutl So just choose what is only specifically relevant to your website. This takes a combination of copywriting skills, marketing skills and also SEO skills, which is why our content creation process is a team effort that goes through multiple people before it is ultimately utilized as part of our strategy for you.

As one of the Most Reliable Full Service Digital Marketing/Advertising Agencies, one other key to producing new content posted consistently is posting your patient’s experiences through testimonials, or perhaps highlighting patient engagement that you find that needs to be mentioned. Whatever you do, it all boils down to letting the people know about you and letting Google crawl your site because of these new content posted.

The Advantage of Dedicated Healthcare Marketing Consultants

Our team has provided over 7,000 clients with 50,000 rankings. We are a healthcare digital marketing agency that knows how to deliver real results.

Moonraker is comprised of over 50 marketing professionals with a combined 100+ years of experience:

  • Dedicated Keyword Research Experts
  • Advanced Website Audit Experts
  • On-Page Optimization Experts
  • Link Analysis Experts
  • Link Building Experts
  • SEO Strategy Experts
  • Social Media Experts
  • Content Development Experts
  • Marketing Copywriters
  • Project Managers
  • Account Managers

You get over a century of marketing expertise for a fraction of the cost of in-house employees. You could actually run seven Elite Organic SEO campaigns simultaneously (even though you’ll only need one) for less than a 3-person in-house marketing team and our results will be better. There are not too many marketing agencies that can boast such extensive experience and value in healthcare marketing Boston.

Our contracts are month-to-month, meaning you pay for what we’ve done and nothing more. Find that level of understanding from your employees!

Most of our clients recover their investment within the first 6 months. From there on out it’s solid profit, and significantly more of it. We are confident that once you see the results, we will have the pleasure of working with you for a long time.

We encourage you to get in touch today so we can show you what a dedicated healthcare marketing agency can do for your business!

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